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PASS-Personal assistance services

Sometimes small steps take huge effort.  As a parent, you see your child’s strengths. You can imagine a future where those strengths will blossom. Yet, every day you see the challenges that your child faces. You see how much effort is behind each new skill learned, each hard-won gain.

As a parent of a child who is not typically developing, you work to provide the guidance and intensive coaching that your child needs. You know that many opportunities to practice a new skill, with repetition and consistency, are how your child will learn. You do your best. Yet, sometimes, extra help is needed so your child can make use of the many learning opportunities throughout each day.

Helping your child to thrive. Through these services, you’ll select and supervise a staff person who will help your child achieve vital goals. Every step of the way, you’ll be in charge of guiding your child’s progress. At key points in this process, Looking Upwards’ help is available as you need it.

Your child will receive support to strengthen skills in important areas:

  • Accomplishing essential activities of daily life
  • Keeping safe and making good decisions 
  • Learning social roles and enjoying connecting with others 

Supporting families. At Looking Upwards, we understand that families know their child the best. They are the experts at the center of their child’s life. In this program, families who need the help of an assistant can move forward in supporting their child’s progress. Our goal is to be a resource for families, in helping their child to grow.

What to expect:

  • You’ll start by identifying your child’s goals.
  • You’ll take the lead in designing a 6-month plan of action. A member of our team will help with the development of this plan in whatever way you need.
  • You’ll select someone to be your child’s assistant. If you would like, Looking Upwards will help with recruitment of this person.
  • The staff person will work with your child to help with specific goals, under your supervision.
  • You will be the manager of your child’s services.
  • The PASS coordinator will be your contact person to assist with any day-to-day issues you may have.
  • A clinical specialist will meet with you to provide guidance and support at least three times during the length of the plan. If authorized by your CEDARR Family Center, your time with the clinician can be increased if needed.  

Who is eligible:

  • For children and youth 0-21 years of age with developmental, behavioral or mental health needs who are found eligible and referred by a CEDARR Family Center, Rhode Island's information, support and referral source for children with special healthcare needs.

Who to contact:

  • Program coordinator, Stephen Walsh at 401-293-5790 ext. 302 or email Stephen or Program coordinator Paula A.D. Semonelli at 401-293-5790 ext. 303 or email Paula