behavioral consulting

Sometimes, it seems impossible to make it through the day. When your child’s problem behaviors continually spiral out of control and your attempts at discipline don’t work, it’s not unusual to feel helpless. School progress can be disrupted. Friends may turn away. Siblings may experience confusion and strain. Everyday family pleasures can quickly turn into a struggle.

But for every child with behavioral difficulties, there is hope.  That hope stems from understanding what’s needed for making a change.
Looking Upwards’ Behavioral Consulting services can take the mystery out of “behavioral intervention” and put managing your child’s behavior back in your control.

Our consultants understand your child’s disability and will take an in-depth look at difficult behaviors such as tantrums, refusing to follow directives, self-injurious behaviors and aggression. We work to understand the purpose of the behavior and then build bridges to positive alternatives.

Our specialists understand how difficult it may be for parents when their child’s behaviors are challenging. That’s why we’ll work with you to create realistic, practical ways to help your child to change.

Through a Looking Upwards behavioral consultation you’ll gain:

  • A new perspective on the challenging behaviors
  • An understanding of how your child’s disability may be contributing to the behaviors
  • An assessment of situations likely to act as “triggers” for the behavior and how you can  best manage those situations
  • Ways to avoid escalation of the behavior
  • Simple strategies for teaching your child new ways of coping, plus advice about when it will be most effective to teach these new skills
  • Critical questions to ask yourself to guide your actions in relating to your child
  • A toolbox of pro-active techniques designed specifically to support your child’s success

Developing the positive. Throughout this process, we base our approaches on your child’s specific strengths. Working from your child’s perspective, we’ll work with you to create ways to help your child to learn accountability, self-control and greater independence in managing a wide range of challenges. 

Looking beyond a disability.  We bring our expertise to help determine how the disability may be influencing your child’s behavior. Together we’ll shape a plan that accommodates the disability, while supporting your child to succeed. 

Creating practical approaches to change. We understand that you have a busy life and need a practical solution. We’ll base our approaches on your parenting style and will work with you to develop a plan that fits the realities of your family’s life.

Often a combination of quick pro-active ways of working with your child can take the struggle out of many parts of the day. 

With sound advice and realistic solutions, a Looking Upwards’ behavioral consultant will assist your family to guide your child towards new, positive behaviors.

What to expect:

            A functional behavioral assessment

  • The assessment is the first step and is critical for gaining the fresh perspectives that will open a new path for change.
  • A consultant will meet with you to determine your child’s strengths and areas of need.
  • The consultant will observe your child in various settings and during the most difficult parts of the daily routine.

            A practical plan for creating change

  • An individualized written plan of action will be developed outlining practical solutions for change. 
  • The consultant will then meet with you to discuss the findings and recommendations.
  • The consultant will guide you in how to implement the plan.
  • If materials such as sensory or communication aids are needed, the consultant will assist in developing them.

            Follow-up support

  • Within a month, your consultant will arrange a meeting with you to offer consultation and support.
  • Additional consultations can be contracted if needed as your child progresses.

Who is eligible:
Any child (age 2 to 21) whose parents wish to contract for services.

Who to contact:
Program administrator, Alexis Valory McHugh at 401-293-5790 ext. 330 or email Valory