HBTS - Home-Based Therapeutic Services

You’ll learn how to help your child gain critical skills for daily life, with support and guidance from a specialized clinical team.

As a parent you hold a vision for your child. You can see so much potential. Yet you know there’s a great deal your child will need to learn along the way. So you guide, support and often you worry. It’s not easy, but as a family you strive to meet the challenges..

Sometimes, no matter how determined and resourceful you are, it’s a struggle to make progress. When your child has autism,  a developmental disability or behavioral or mental health challenges, learning how to best support your child’s unique needs can make the difference in helping your child to grow

Reaching your goals. In this partnership, you’ll decide the specific challenges you want to help your child to overcome. Our team of specialists will develop a therapeutic plan. This plan will utilize state-of-the-art practices that have been proven effective in assisting children with similar needs.

Our staff will help you to learn the tools and techniques that work best with your child. You’ll receive intensive coaching from a skilled home-based worker with guidance from our specialized clinical team. Our commitment is to provide you with the information, skills and support you’ll need to continue to move forward with your goals on your own.

While you work with our HBTS team, your success with your child will grow as you gain:

  • In-depth knowledge about your child’s diagnosis, disability or behavioral health
  • Tools and techniques to overcome the challenging parts of daily routines
  • Skills to help your child relate well to others
  • Strategies to keep your child safe in the community
  • Consultation with physical, occupational & speech therapists
  • Practical approaches to help your child cope with anger and strong feelings

Building on strengths. Throughout this process, we’ll focus on your child’s strengths. We believe that everyone grows most easily by starting from their natural abilities. Our team will help you to tap into your child or adolescent’s strengths and interests. You’ll learn how to capitalize on these innate qualities to help your child stretch into new areas of growth.

What to expect:

  • Your clinical team will meet with you to develop an individualized approach to supporting your child’s success.
  • With your permission, your clinical team will collaborate with your child’s doctor, school or other important service providers to create an integrated plan.
  • Staff members, who are trained specifically in your child’s needs, will work one-on-one with you during the challenging parts of your child’s daily routine. With their support, you’ll learn to teach your child new behaviors and skills.
  • These staff members will receive ongoing supervision so their support continues to match your child’s changing needs.
  • If your child is eligible, your child may participate in one of our social skills groups.
  • Throughout HBTS services, your clinical team will continue its partnership with your family, providing guidance and support for your child’s progress.
  • HBTS services are intended to be time-limited. Right from the beginning our focus will be to help you gain the skills and understanding that will prepare you to support your child’s success well into the future.

Who is eligible:

  • For children and youth 0-21 years of age with autism or developmental disabilities behavioral or mental health needs who are found eligible.

Who to contact:

  • HBTS Treatment Coordinator, Damien St. Pierre or Aimee Halm
    401- 293-5790 ext. 307 or email Damien or email Aimee