school-to-career transition services

As a teen you know that eventually, you’ll need to take all you’ve learned at school and apply it to life.  When you and your family are thinking about the critical transition from school to meaningful employment, Looking Upwards offers comprehensive services to help you make the most of this exciting time.

At Looking Upwards, we offer an innovative, experience-based program for the transitioning student. We place students who have special needs in real-life job situations and coach them in the skills they’ll need for success. From employment, to building connections in the community, we work intensively with students. We help them gain mastery of the skills essential for a successful work life.

Vocational development lays the foundation for the future. Through work experiences you’ll gain vital work skills and confidence. You’ll build a resume and explore job options in your community. We offer you the opportunity to:

  • Sample different work settings
  • Clarify interests and goals
  • Build a resume
  • Learn job search skills
  • Practice for employment interviews
  • Develop on-the-job skills
  • Learn how to communicate in the workplace
  • Build employment networks in your community

“Soft Skills” are essential. Our transition coaches are trained to assist you to master those “soft skills” that are essential for your success. For instance, our coaches will support you to:

  • Take responsibility
  • Manage time
  • Understand the workplace culture
  • Learn to navigate social situations
  • Develop connections in the community
  • Handle stress
  • Maintain an awareness of safety
  • Access appropriate resources

Choosing a destination is important. So is having the tools to get there. Throughout our services, we’ll assist you to take from your experiences a growing knowledge of what you like and don’t like. We’ll help you chart a course for your future and have the tools you’ll need for life.

What to expect: 

  • We may create a partnership with your school towards meeting your IEP transitional goals.
  • We may create a partnership with the Office of Rehabilitative Services (ORS) to support your progress with vocational plans if you are found eligible.
  • Your services will be tailored to your needs.
  • If you are still working on academic goals, a flexible off-campus schedule can be built.
  • These services are available during the school-year and in a summer program.
  • Placement in internships or job experiences will match your interests and skills.
  • You may receive individualized job coaching to support your skill development.
  • We will provide consultation with employers to assist them in best supporting  your success.
  • You can expect a written report summarizing your overall experiences and accomplishments, including recommendations for next steps in career development.

  Who is eligible:

Who to contact:

  • Director of Employment & Transitional Services, Andrea Rodrigues at
    401-293-5790 ext. 314, or email Andrea