Representatives from Looking Upwards will attend upcoming conference on trauma-informed care.

As part of deepening our practice and being part of the statewide movement, members of Looking Upwards staff will participate in trauma-informed care online event.  This public event addresses the fact that trauma is widespread.  We all either know someone or we may have experienced trauma in our lives.  How do we all work together and communicate with each other to promote safety and healing? The conference brings together some of the top minds in trauma-informed care and conflict resolution.  It’s a day of useful skills and insight that can make a difference in relationships and quality of life. 

This virtual event is open to the public and is brought to you by the  Ocean State Trauma Informed Community Coalition, whose aim is to implement a trauma-informed practice and culture throughout the state of RI, and as a result:  improve social outcomes, help people heal, and enrich the quality of life in RI. 

Friday, November 19th 9:00 am – 4:00pm 
$25 general rate and a $95 rate for clinicians who require CEU’s.

For more information or to register, visit:

Download print-able event flyer